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14-foot UTV trailer with metal floors and lights, 77 inches wide. Diamond plate floor with expanded metal center for wash out. Two 24-inch fold up ramps. 

price: $2100 

Special orders welcome, will build to specs. Price subject to change depending on specs and material costs. 


Custom-built steps:


$100 each or $150 a pair plus shipping



Jerry at 405-747-4442 or 

Tyler at 580-763-2736


Polypropylene custom-built console

Polypropylene custom-built console

Price based on specifications

Call Tully or email for more information


raw metal grille art 2.jpg
raw metal grille art.jpg

Raw metal grille art made to order to your specifications: $250

Paint and mounting are additional costs. Call or email to discuss options. 

Jerry at 405-747-4442 or 

Tyler at 580-763-2736